Pokaini Forest

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About place

However, strange rock piles remain a mystery. The stones may have been collected centuries ago to build a castle that never materialized, which is one possible explanation for their existence. However, since there are no records of such activities in the area, this would be difficult to demonstrate. People gathered them while clearing the fields for farming, which is a more common explanation. However, this would still not explain why they dumped them in a number of piles so far into the forest.

The stones have been said to possess special abilities. The forest is now frequented by psychics and channelers to boost their energetic charges because some believe it to be a healing center or an old pagan sanctuary. The stones, according to some visitors, have a positive and energizing effect. Offerings are sometimes made to the stones to increase their power.

Some people are wary of this location and believe it to be a haunted area or even a gateway to another world. There are rumors that some visitors to the forest died or suffered in some other way right away. It is said that it is risky to bring the stones from the woods home.