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Turaida stone castle
During its nearly 800 years of existence, the Turaida Stone Castle has always played an important role not only in the history of Latvia, but also in the history of Europe. The construction of the stone castle began in 1214. In the Middle Ages, Turaida became an important castle of the Archbishopric of Riga - the centre of the foggia, the place of residence of the county governors and a military fortress. The castle defence system reached its peak in the 16th century. Its approach from the north and south is guarded by a breastwork. The courtyard is surrounded by a high perimeter, fortified by four defensive towers and three gate towers. Over the years, the castle was rebuilt until, in 1776, a careless shot caused a fire in the castle, which burnt down the wooden parts of the buildings.
In the second half of the 20th century, a purposeful and systematic research and conservation of the medieval buildings began, which continued for more than 25 years, making Turaida one of the most archaeologically researched medieval castles in the Baltic States. Today, the restored buildings of the stone castle offer the opportunity to see the castle cellars, the prison, the guard and cannon rooms, as well as to visit the exhibitions in the castle.

Folk Song Park
The Folk Song Park has been created with a deep respect for the magnificent surroundings, intuitively and lovingly cultivating the landscape, encouraging harmony between living nature and man-made creations.
Folk Song Park consists of the Dainu Hill, opened in 1985, and the Song Garden, opened in 1990. The park is home to 26 stone sculptures by sculptor Indulis Ranka, which convey a message about the value system and intangible cultural heritage based on the traditional way of life of the people. The Folk Song Park is full of events and life. Hundreds of concerts have been held over 26 years, with folklore groups and ethnographic ensembles from all over Latvia and many countries around the world.
A walk in the park is a source of vital energy. The relief landscape, centuries-old trees, well-tended environment and magnificent stone sculptures can inspire anyone who is open to the world.
Turaida Church Hill and Church
Next to the church, in the ancient cemetery site where local people were buried between the 13th and 18th centuries, there is a memorial to the girl Maija - the Rose of Turaida. Her life story has been transformed into a legend based on Magnus von Wohlfeld's documents published in 1848 about the events in Gutmann's Cave in 1620.
Visiting the Turaida Rose Memorial has become for many a kind of pilgrimage, dedicated to selfless love and devotion.
Next to the church is a memorial to the girl Maija - Turaida Rose. Her life story has evolved over the centuries into a legend based on documents published in newspapers in 1848 about events that took place in 1620 in the Gutmanis Cave, not far from Turaida Castle.
For many newlyweds, a visit to the Turaida Rose Memorial has become a pilgrimage of sorts, dedicated to the beauty, nobility and fidelity of love.

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