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Dobele Castle today 

Since 2002, architect Pēteris Blums has been working on the vision of preservation and development of the castle complex of the Livonian Order in Dobele. He presented the first technical project of the reconstruction and conservation of the palace in 2009, but the construction works were started in 2018.

During the construction works, archaeological research of the walls, conservation and construction of new infrastructure were carried out. The walls of the castle were first conserved, as well as restoration of critical losses. After ascertaining the actual situation, uncovering the chapel basement, a number of decisions were made that led to changes in the technical project. 

During construction, the architectural form of the castle was preserved as a whole, as the silhouette of the ruins. The level of the upper cover and the roof terrace is located between the walls of the two parts of the building, the new roof elements in the silhouette from a greater distance do not change the overall perception of the torsal silhouette of the castle ruins. From close distances, the parts of the new roof between the walls can be perceived only fragmentarily, but in most angles - not at all.

In 2020, the chapel of the Order of Livonia Castle in Dobele was put into operation, and the object has become a multifunctional center for the development of culture, crafts and tourism.

The castle has been reborn in a new form, when the breath of the past and the future alternate with each other, being in a continuous flowing movement, symbolizing our existence here and now - between the stages of history. One that has already passed and the other that has yet to be reached. The new mingles with the old and respects each other.

At the end of the summer of 2021, Dobeles Castle opens its doors to visitors...