Karosta (Liepāja)

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Since its construction at the turn of the 20th century, Liepja's Karosta's garrison prison has served as a temporary disciplinary facility for non-commissioned officers and sailors of the navy.
Those sailors from the prison who took part in the revolution in 1905 served their time there.
The Soviet and Latvian Navys both used the building as a temporary disciplinary facility for sailors and non-commissioned officers. In 1997, the last of the inmates scratched calendars, drawings, slogans, catchphrases, and other messages on the cells' walls.

Only guided excursions are available at Karosta Prison. You will have the opportunity to see the prison, which has not changed since the tsars' time, learn about Karosta's history, as well as interesting events from prison life, during the excursion. Additionally, a visit to the museum of Karosta prison's exhibit on the Second World War, Kureliesi, Soviet times, and the Third Latvian Awakening in Liepaja.