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Do you want to realize the ancient wish of mankind to fly freely through the air? After that, go to Aerodium! It is a vertical wind tunnel that simulates free fall and allows you to soar through the air.
Aerodium is the first vertical wind tunnel in Eastern Europe for flight.

The tunnel's wind flow is so strong that no wings are required to enter and fly. The laws of aerodynamics enable you to fly through the air, perform a wide range of motions, and experience unimaginable emotions by altering your body position.

The minimum flight time is two minutes, but if you want to fully enjoy the experience, you should fly for four to six minutes on your first flight.

The briefing, putting on the equipment, warm-up exercises, and flight are all part of the more comprehensive flight procedure.
The entire flight lasts between 40 and 60 minutes. Attendees are encouraged to wear free, comfortable clothing if they wish to fly. The flight company provides all of the required equipment.