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Although Latvia is a small country in Europe's Baltic region, its pristine coastline and rich culture often surpass those of even more well-known European destinations. It has become a real hidden gem for tourists looking for lesser-known beauty and historical charm in Europe's larger and more popular countries. But precisely what distinguishes Latvia from other nations?

Latvians will proudly and loudly respond, "What I love most about my country is... Naturally, nature! People in Latvia are connected to their land and culture by nature, which has its roots in ancient celebrations.

Līgo or "Jāņi," as it is more commonly referred to by the locals, is a truly one-of-a-kind celebration of the summer solstice that attracts tourists to Latvia in June. On the 23rd of June, Latvians of all ages come together to pull the ultimate all-nighter. Some of the many activities include singing, dancing, feasting, and jumping over a bonfire. On the shortest summer night, you should definitely put it on your bucket list to wait for the sun to rise.

Another local custom that tends to bring the typically introverted Latvians together at home and abroad is singing. Every five years, the Latvian Song and Dance Festival is recognized as a UNESCO Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity. It attracts tens of thousands of spectators, folk dancers, and approximately 50,000 choral singers.

The heart of Latvian culture is much more commonplace, despite the fact that grand celebrations and events are an important part of the culture. In spite of the abundance of tourist attractions, castles, museums, and architectural structures in and around Riga, the small Baltic state's spirit is best expressed by the charm of everyday objects. Take a cool dip in the Baltic Sea, a river, a lake, or a pond to start your day. Have a hearty breakfast made from local ingredients like cottage cheese, rye bread, and vegetables from the market or your own garden.

Despite the abundance of open-air activities like festivals, foraging, and skiing during the winter in the Latvian countryside, there is also a lot to talk about in the town. People who enjoy taking leisurely strolls through the city streets of Latvian cities, particularly Riga, can choose from a wide variety of options, including fantastic cuisine, vibrant cultural scenes, evocative art nouveau architecture, and Medieval structures in Old Riga.

You can end your day in the city by sampling craft beers made in the area and having a good time with the locals in one of the city's many hip bars and cultural venues. or attend a Latvian National Opera and Ballet performance that rivals the best in the world. Latvian culture is steeped in greatness and creativity; it is the birthplace of many famous people, including Mark Rothko, Mikhail Barishnikov, Sergei Eisenstein, Mariss Jansons, and Elina Garanca.

Latvia is, in the minds of many visitors, Europe's best-kept secret. If you're willing to go off the beaten path, Latvia has a lot of hidden adventures for you to discover. You might be able to see Kurzeme's charming fishing villages, Jurmala's white sand beaches, Latgale's blue lakes, and Riga's bustling cobbled streets all in one trip.

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