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Cēsis is not only one of the oldest, but also one of the most Latvian towns. Rich in picturesque landscapes and evidence of the past, it embodies both an intriguing sense of antiquity and a modern self-esteem. Cēsis and its surroundings are one of the most attractive draws for travellers in Vidzeme. In all seasons, Cēsis is visited by people who appreciate its cultural heritage, the beauty of nature and the peaceful rhythm of small-town life.

For ages, Cēsis has been known as a town rich in cultural heritage, artistic treasures and outstanding cultural traditions, and has not remained hidden from the eyes of travellers. Culture, education, tourism and creative entrepreneurship are the values on which the Cēsis region is building its future.

Cēsis is a celebration - contemporary art exhibitions during the Cēsis Art Festival, medieval activities and knights at the Medieval Festival, warm summer evening concerts on the open-air stage in Castle Park. Cēsis - one of the most beautiful cities in Latvia. In summer, it beckons with the unspoilt nature of the Gauja Valley, the breath of medieval and modern art, and in winter it invites you to visit the largest ski centre in the Baltics, with a variety of slopes and the longest runs in the region.