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Liepāja was once a military outpost and an industrial city. However, over time, the city's residential, recreational, and business environments have all undergone continuous improvement. It is now a modern city with a global perspective, but it still has the amenities of a small town.

The sports, culture, and art of Liepāja have all had long histories. From local artist exhibitions to performances by internationally renowned artists, classical music concerts to grand beach festivals, amateur sports competitions to European championships, there are events for everyone throughout the year.

The recently constructed concert hall known as "Great Amber" serves as the focal point of the majority of events and is a genuine cultural and architectural treasure. It hosts high-quality art and culture events. The exceptional acoustics, which enable them to hear even the tiniest nuances of sound, are particularly appealing to music lovers. The Liepāja Symphony Orchestra, the oldest orchestra in the Baltics, plays in the concert hall.

With its unique tourist attractions in the former military garrison of Karosta, Liepāja  is a popular travel destination; enticing people with a city center full of architectural and cultural treasures and a large beach where beachgoers enjoy the unusually fine white sand. The city has everything you need for a full and memorable vacation, despite its small size.

Metalworking, the textile industry, the manufacturing of building materials, the food processing industry, ship building, and freight transportation are the city's most developed business sectors. By volume of freight shipped, the port of Liepāja ranks third in Latvia. The city has started building strong industrial centers that are good for starting new businesses or growing ones that already exist.

Liepāja is the only city in Latvia that offers air, land, and sea transportation in addition to Riga, the nation's capital. The airline "airBaltic" operates regular flights between Riga and Liepāja, providing connections to more than 60 international locations in addition to the standard modes of transportation of rail and road. Germany's Travemünde is served by a number of weekly ferry trips. Yacht owners can dock their vessels in the Trade Canal, which is in the center of the city.

Liepaja combines the advantages of a small town with global reach.